Unsere eigene Musik


Wir haben in London unsere eigene Kindertanzmusik veröffentlicht.


Bounce n' Boogie Volume I: Good Woods

Creative children-dance ideas and music on CD


In this book you will find funky and creative children-dance ideas and a CD with accompanying music, for children aged 3-7 years. These ideas are useful in dance studios, kindergartens, halls of nurseries, primary schools, or anywhere where you can find some space and a music player. The book provides fun and an instructional resource for anyone who enjoys funky and creative movement with children.

All the ideas in this book are related to the topic of the forest, nature and animals, and can be used for a one-off dance workshop or a complete production, exploring various aspects of dance

  • Different types of travelling and locomotion

  • Postures and creative body shapes

  • Decreasing fear of contact & building relationships

  • Advance social behaviour, trust & a sense of community

  • Enhancing creativity, concentration, reaction and imagination

  • Movement qualities and contrast of dynamics

  • Development of rhythmic feeling and musical sense

  • Memorizing a routine and set movement patterns

  • Mimic skills

  • Coordination and isolation of different body parts

  • Exploration of pathways

  • Warm up games, cooling down


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